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Flood Pro wood care

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Founded in 1841, the Flood® brand has earned its rep­u­ta­tion as “The Wood Care Spe­cial­ist” by cre­at­ing prod­ucts that pro­tect, pre­serve and beau­tify nat­ural woods and other surfaces.

In 2016, Flood launched the Flood Pro Series line and rec­og­nize it as their best pre­mium fin­ish. Backed by the her­itage of the Flood brand, the Flood Pro Series was cre­ated to com­bine the best per­form­ing and most durable Flood for­mu­las with sev­eral new and improved ones. This com­pre­hen­sive line of wood fin­ishes was designed to deliver beau­ti­ful and pro­fes­sional results on fences, decks, sid­ing and fur­ni­ture, rail­ing, and other wood surfaces.

Flood Pro Series stains and wood fin­ishes make it easy to find the per­fect color for your project. You can choose from wood-​enhancing clears, 40 beau­ti­ful semi-​transparent shades, and over 120 rich solid hues. We can also match any wood tone or color with any of the prod­ucts for end­less possibilities.

You can depend on Flood Pro Series wood fin­ishes to deliver con­sis­tent and excep­tional results, supe­rior pen­e­tra­tion and adhe­sion, long-​lasting per­for­mance, durable pro­tec­tion, and peace of mind.


Flood Pro Series Videos:


    Solid Color wood stains and Resur­fac­ers are opaque fin­ishes that show­case the tex­ture of the wood, while com­pletely hid­ing the grain and nat­ural color. Resur­fac­ers are thicker coat­ings, designed to fill cracks and lock down splin­ters in wood show­ing these signs of age.

    Both prod­ucts are not only avail­able in 120 rich col­ors from the Flood Pro Series color palette, we can also match any color to give you count­less options to com­ple­ment your home.

    • SOLID COLOR STAIN (FLD820/​FLD822) Pro Series Solid Color is an advanced stain and sealant in one that pro­tects wood from mois­ture and sun dam­age
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    • RESUR­FACER Pro Series Resur­facer improves the look of worn or weath­ered wood and con­crete with a barefoot-​friendly tex­ture that has a weather-​resistant fin­ish. Designed
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    All the Semi-​Transparent/​Semi-​Opaque stains can be tinted to any of the 40 nature-​inspired col­ors in the Pro Series color palette or custom-​matched to any wood tone or color to com­ple­ment your home. They add more color and pro­tec­tion than the trans­par­ent fin­ishes, but will still show­case the nat­ural grain vari­a­tion and color.


    • FLOOD CWF-UV®(FLD542) CWF-​UV is a nat­ural or tinted wood fin­ish designed to restore the rich, warm appear­ance of nat­ural woods, With its acrylic/​oil for­mula
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    • CWF® MULTI-​SURFACE (FLD540) Pro Series CWF Multi-​Surface is a 100% acrylic clear water­proof­ing sealant that pro­tects against mois­ture dam­age. It is rec­om­mended for use on
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    Sur­face prepa­ra­tion is the cru­cial first step of the wood stain­ing process. A prop­erly pre­pared sur­face is nec­es­sary to ensure a beau­ti­ful and last­ing wood fin­ish. Flood Pro Series clean­ers offer prod­ucts for prepar­ing all types of wood, and for clean­ing stained or resur­faced wood between applications.

    • WOOD CLEANER (FLD51) Pro Series Wood Cleaner’s deep-​cleaning for­mula restores the nat­ural look of wood, con­crete, com­pos­ites and other sur­faces. Rec­om­mended to be used
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    • FLOOD WOOD STRIP­PER (FLD138) Pro Series Wood Strip­per removes all oil and water-​based coat­ings, as well as mold, mildew and other stains. It may
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    • FLOOD ALL-​PURPOSE DECK WASH (FLD53) Pro Series All-​Purpose Deck Wash can be used as a main­te­nance cleaner for stained, resur­faced or com­pos­ite decks,
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    • FLOOD PEN­ETROL® (FLD4) Pen­etrol is a free-​flowing, low-​odor pen­e­trat­ing addi­tive which helps to reduce the adverse effects that weather and sur­face con­di­tions have
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    • FLOOD FLOETROL® (FLD6) Floetrol is a latex paint addi­tive that improves paint flow and lev­el­ing, while help­ing to reduce the adverse effects that weather
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    • FLOOD E-​B EMULSA BOND® (FLD41) Flood E-​B Emulsa Bond is a latex addi­tive that helps alle­vi­ate peel­ing prob­lems when paint­ing over a sound but
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